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Since 1974, Barsoi has evolved into the leading suit specialist of Utrecht and its surroundings.

Our experience is vast, and we dress our customers with great passion and attention to detail. Our skilled advisors take the time for your preferences, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. You can easily find our beautiful store in the bustling heart of Utrecht, as it's located at Oudegracht 142, next to The North Face and opposite Hema. Our doors are open 7 days a week, including Sundays and Thursday evenings.

For every occasion – a tailored suit.

Suits for every occasion and age.

The suits from Barsoi Suit Specialty Store are suitable for every occasion and every age. Whether it’s a tuxedo for a gala, a wedding suit, or the business attire for a businessman, our collection offers the best solution for every event. Even if you are wearing a suit for the first time, our patient staff will assist you with pleasure. Moreover, we offer our suits in all sizes, from 42 to 62, 90 to 110, and 24 to 32. Our clothing workshop tailors the ensemble quickly, so you can immediately enjoy your new purchase.

You will be assisted with great pleasure at Barsoi – The Premier Suit Specialty Store of Utrecht.

Our suits receive the attention they deserve.

For this, you naturally receive the best quality and service. We offer an extensive collection of suits in the finest fabrics and most beautiful colors. If you’re in search of a slim fit suit, we are more than happy to assist.

Our experienced team will gladly show you the unique linings and prints with which our suits are finished. At Barsoi, we have a broad range of options. It doesn’t matter what occasion you need a suit for; you’ll always find what you’re looking for with us.