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If you’re looking to buy a tuxedo in Utrecht for formal evening attire, Barsoi Suit Specialty Store offers a wide selection at the most attractive prices. Starting at just €199, you can find the finest combinations, and we’re eager to share all the details with you. If you want to steal the spotlight at your gala, visit us today. For special occasions or group visits, you can also schedule an appointment through our online calendar.

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Classy Tuxedo Specialist in Utrecht.

If you’re looking to purchase a gala suit in Utrecht, make sure to visit Barsoi Suit Specialist. We offer top-notch style advice and are always up-to-date with the latest trends. You can find us in the lively heart of the Dom city at Oudegracht 142. We are open 7 days a week and are also at your service on Thursday evenings and Sundays. Based on your preferences, our consultants will guide you through the selection. They’ll present you with various dazzling colors and exciting patterns. Whether you prefer a sharp Italian cut or a more spacious fit, you’ll find the perfect suit at Barsoi.

Buying your first tuxedo in Utrecht.

If you’re looking to buy an affordably priced tuxedo in Utrecht, Barsoi’s specialist store is the place to go. Have you received an invitation with a ‘black tie’ dress code? We have you covered, as we offer stylish suits in all sizes. For a flawless appearance at your event, seek advice from Barsoi Kostuumspeciaalzaak.

The Tuxedo Specialty Store in Utrecht

For a well-fitting tuxedo in Utrecht, head to Barsoi Suit Specialty Store. We offer an extensive collection at unique prices. You have a wide selection of patterns, and our offerings change every month. Our conveniently located tuxedo store is situated in the charming center of Utrecht. You can already find inspiration on our website, but visit our shop at Oudegracht 142 today.