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Privacy and Cookie Statement

At Barsoi Suit Specialty Store, we place great importance on the privacy of our visitors and customers. Personal data that we process is handled in accordance with the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also take measures to protect your personal data. If there are any uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact us at 030 – 737 0411 or send a message to

Information Storage

To provide you with the best possible service, it’s necessary for Barsoi Suit Specialty Store to store your data in certain cases. We use this data for:

  • improving the website by understanding how it’s used;
  • enhancing our marketing activities;
  • relationship management and the execution of our services;
  • determining strategy and policy;
  • product and service development.

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store collects personal data when you:

  • send us an email;
  • fill out a contact form;
  • make an online appointment;
  • call us;
  • subscribe to our digital newsletter;
  • request an online quotation;
  • purchase a product or service from us following the above contact.

As a user, you’re not obliged to leave this personal data with us, but without it, our services are of limited use.

Purpose of Data Processing

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store collects and uses your personal information so you can utilize our services. Specifically, your personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • responding to and processing messages sent via email or a contact form;
  • carrying out orders, managing the resulting relationships, and performing activities aimed at expanding the customer base;
  • if you are a customer and/or newsletter subscriber, your name and email address are used to send a digital newsletter and/or email service. You can always unsubscribe in the mailing itself;
  • providing sales support and support before, during, and after the tasks we may perform.

We value aligning our services as closely as possible with the needs of our users. Thus, we continuously aim to improve our services. Alongside personal information, we store data compiled from vast amounts of anonymous information about our users. This anonymous information isn’t traceable to you individually and helps us:

  • better understand how is used;
  • improve our services.

Data Disclosure to Third Parties

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store will never sell or rent your personal information. We will not share your personal information with third parties without prior consent unless we are obligated by law or a court ruling. However, we might provide your data to third parties necessary for the execution of specific services:

  • providing quotes and/or pricing;
  • billing and accounting from our accounting program.

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store reserves the right to outsource certain tasks resulting from the underlying assignment to a subprocessor. We also reserve the right to disclose personal data or part thereof in the event of a transfer of ownership, for example, through a merger or acquisition by another company. If such a merger or acquisition occurs, Barsoi Suit Specialty Store will notify you by email and/or a publication on the website.

Data Security

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store ensures appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data against loss and any form of unlawful processing. We utilize logical access control, using passwords or keys. All connections to and from the web application(s) are secured with an SSL connection. We also implement physical access security measures to our vehicles and physical location(s). All employees and/or subprocessors of Barsoi Suit Specialty Store are bound by confidentiality.

Use of Cookies

The website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent via your browser and stored on your computer. The cookies placed by Barsoi Suit Specialty Store are used for:

  • improving the website, by understanding how it’s used;
  • enhancing our marketing activities;
  • determining strategy and policy;
  • product and service development;
  • remembering sessions and email addresses for the WordPress application.

It’s possible to disable these cookies via your browser, e.g., see this explanation by the Consumers’ Association for guidance. By disabling cookies, parts of our website might not function properly.

Google Analytics

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store uses Google Universal Analytics to analyze our website’s usage and the effectiveness of our Google Adwords marketing campaigns. Through Google Universal Analytics, Barsoi Suit Specialty Store collects data, for instance, on the number of users visiting the website and the page sources redirecting them. The data we collect doesn’t contain personal information and can’t be traced back to individual users.

To collect data in Google Universal Analytics, we place a Javascript tracking code on our website, sending information to Google servers, including those in the USA. Google uses this information to track our website’s usage, provide website reports, and offer information on campaign effectiveness. Read Google’s Privacy Policy and, for more specific information, the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.

Links to Other Websites

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store’s website may contain links to third-party websites. Barsoi Suit Specialty Store is not responsible for these third parties’ compliance with European privacy legislation (GDPR).

Access and Amendment of Your Personal Data

You have the option to ask Barsoi Suit Specialty Store about the personal data stored about you. You can also request Barsoi Suit Specialty Store to supplement, correct, or, in certain cases, delete this data. You can do this by contacting us at

Adjustment of the Privacy Statement

Barsoi Suit Specialty Store may decide to adjust its privacy statement. The relevant changes are immediately included in this privacy statement. Therefore, we recommend regularly consulting this privacy statement to stay informed about any adjustments.


If you have questions about the privacy statement, you can contact Barsoi Suit Specialty Store at or by phone at 030 – 737 0411.